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U.S. Government SourcesObtaining U.S. Records

(The country code for all of Korea is 82. The city code for Seoul when calling from outside Korea is 2, though you should dial 02 when calling Seoul from within Korea. Unless noted below, all phone numbers are in Seoul)


  • Police 112 (nationwide)
  • Fire or Ambulance 119 (nationwide)

Tourist Information

Immigration Office

  • Seoul Immigration Office
    319-2 Shinjong-dong Yangcheon-ku, Seoul
    Tel:  650-6231/232/233
    (visa/SOFA information)
  • Incheon Airport Immigration Office
    2172-1 Unseo-dong Jung-ku, Incheon
    Tel:  032-740-7115/7116/7381
  • Immigration Bureau
    Kwachon Government Complex
    Kwachon-city, Kyonggi-do
    Entry Control Section. Tel:  503-7097
    Residence Control Sec. Tel:  503-7101/2
    (Hqs. Seoul Immigration Office)
  • Incheon Airport Quarantine Office
     Rm. 204 Government Complex Building
     2850 Unseo-dong Jungku, Incheon
     Tel:  032-740-2701
  • Passport Office
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
    Daihan Reinsurance Bldg. 4th Fl.
    80 Soosong-Dong Chongro-Ku, Seoul
    Tel:  720-3780/1, 730-3210
  • Emigration Division
     Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
     Daihan Reinsurance Bldg. 4th Fl.
     80 Soosong-Dong Chongro-ku, Seoul
     Tel:  720-2727/8



Korean Government Agencies







Consumer Complaints

  • Korea Commercial Arbitration Board
    43rd Fl. Korea Trade Center
    159 Samsung-dong Kangnam-ku Seoul
    Tel: 551-2019/2000/2001



Useful Websites



Expatriate Living




Information from the Department of State and Other Agencies