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Embassy Youth Forum

What is the Embassy Youth Fourm?

The Embassy Youth Fourm strives to improve how Koreans and Americans understand one another’s cultures, values, and politics by pairing some of Korea’s brightest youth with American guest speakers to discuss contemporary issues facing each nation, such as democratic elections, environmental policy, and many other topics. The monthly forums are conducted in English and are organized by the students themselves working in tandem with the U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who may attend the Embassy Youth Fourm?
Q: How do I attend the Embassy Youth Fourm as an audience member?
Q: How do I become a panelist for the Embassy Youth Fourm?
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Core Organizers

  • Park, Kyung Eun
    Park, Kyung Eun

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Jang, Hye Jo
    Jang, Hye Jo

    Sungshin Women’s University

  • Shin, Bee
    Shin, Bee

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Hwang, Endy Gabriel
    Hwang, Endy Gabriel

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Kim, Ji-Won Jessica
    Kim, Ji-Won Jessica

    Sogang University

  • Yun, Seul-Chan
    Yun, Seul-Chan

    Hanyang University

  • Kim, So-Young Sophia
    Kim, So-Young Sophia

    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Lee, Eun-Song Grace
    Lee, Eun-Song Grace

    Korea University



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