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Special Feature


U.S. Embassy Seoul Special Website –
60th Anniversary of the Korean War


KOREAN WAR: 60th ANNIVERSARY (from the U.S. Department of Defense)

On June 25, 1950, the North Korean Army began an offensive to invade South Korea that resulted in the capture of the republic’s capital, Seoul, within four days. The United States, the United Kingdom and other members of the United Nations moved to actively defend South Korea – an effort that would last until July 27, 1953, when negotiations concluded and fighting finally ended.


U.S. Embassy Seoul - 60th Anniversary of the Korean War: Oral History Interviews



(Source: U.S. Department of Defense)



Transcript of Armistice Agreement for the Restoration of the South Korean State (1953)
(July 27, 1953)

Agreement between the Commander-in-Chief, United Nations Command, on the one hand, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army and the Commander of the Chinese People's volunteers, on the other hand, concerning a military armistice in Korea…

UN Security Council Resolution 82 (1950) of 25 June 1950
(June 25, 1950)

The Security Council,
Recalling the finding of the General Assembly in its resolution 293 (IV) of 21 October 1949 that the Government of the Republic of Korea is a lawfully established government having effective control and jurisdiction over that Part of Korea where the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea was able to observe and consult and in which the great majority of the people of Korea reside…



Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum -
60th Anniversary of the Korean War



Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum - The Korean War



U.S. National Archives – Korean War Records



Library of Congress –
Experiencing War: The Korean War


Korean War National Museum



Korean WarVeterans Memorial


U.S. Navy Art Collection: Korean War





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