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Greetings from Washington and welcome to America's birthday party!  Every year, Americans gather with friends and family on the Fourth of July to celebrate the values that inspired the founders of our nation more than two centuries ago, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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U.S. Independence Day a Civic and Social Event
The United States celebrates its Independence Day on July 4, a day of patriotic celebration and family events throughout the country.


Fourth of July Music Reflects U.S. History, Diversity
Many composers have influenced annual Independence Day celebrations


July 4th: Fireworks and Family America’s spirit of democracy and opportunity is celebrated on July 4. One family exemplifies this spirit by crafting one thing used to celebrate America’s birth: fireworks.

Photo Gallery: The Fourth of July: Celebrating U.S. Independence Day


American Holidays
The United States celebrates many holidays—some that we share with other countries, and others that are uniquely American.



Outline of U.S. History

How the United States has been transformed from its origins as an obscure set of colonies on the Atlantic coast a little more than 200 years ago into what one political analyst terms "the first universal nation."  


USA History in Brief
English | Korean
The first title in the new "In Brief" series, this publication summarizes in a few thousand words the history of how the United States was founded and the forces and events that shaped the dynamic and varied country that it has become today.


Historians on America
Historians on America is a series of individual essays that selects specific moments, decisions, and intellectual or legislative or legal developments and explains how they altered the course of U.S. history. The book consists of 11 separate essays by major historians, ranging from The Trial of John Peter Zenger in 1735 to The Immigration Act of 1965.


National Archives: The Declaration of Independence
Library of Congress: The Declaration of Independence
Library of Congress: Patriotic Melodies Fourth of July is Independence Day
Facts for Features: The Fourth of July 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau)



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