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Press Releases

U.S. Embassy Collects Ten Fingerprints from Visa Applicants

U.S. Embassy Seoul began collecting ten fingerprints from all immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants on October 22, 2007.  This transition to ten-print collection is a worldwide initiative and a crucial step toward maintaining the State Department’s policy of “secure borders and open doors.”

There is no change in the requirement as to which applicants must provide fingerprints at the visa interview.  As before, applicants for diplomatic or official visa classes, applicants under 14 or over 79 years of age, and medical emergency cases are exempt from the requirement.

The U.S. Embassy will continue to process visa applicants courteously and efficiently while updating our security procedures.  The Embassy encourages people who plan to travel in 2008 to apply for visas early, well before the summer rush which usually occurs between May and August.  For more information please consult our website: