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Yellow Dust

Yellow Dust

Yellow dust from the semi-arid and desert areas of China and Mongolia descends on the Korean Peninsula each spring. This yellow dust can reduce visibility and can be harmful to human health. The very young, the elderly, and those who are sick or who suffer from asthma or heart-related illnesses should reduce or eliminate outdoor activity on days when yellow dust levels are above 400 µg/m3(parts per million per cubic meter of air). In addition, healthy people should avoid outdoor activity, especially if it involves heavy physical exertion, on days when dust levels are predicted to be above 800 µg/m3.

For information on Korea’s Asian dust monitoring system, please see the Korean Meteorological Administration’s webpage here.

You can also check the current weather conditions, including dust levels at this page.

U.S. Armed Forces Korea also has a monitoring site that includes particulate counts around the peninsula.



Last updated: May 2, 2011